Sunday, March 14, 2010

Handcrafted Three Tier Eastern Red Cedar Candle Holder

Handcrafted Eastern Red Cedar Candle Holder

I began to realize that there were multitudes of things I could make from this aromatic beautiful wood called Eastern Red Cedar.  The Eastern Red Cedar has this beautiful red heart, and it grows within as the tree grows older.
I wanted to do something with all the fallen trees that were lying around instead of burning them.  So from that point on, I have been turning the ways of mother nature  into ecologically sound all natural handcrafted household items.  I make candle holders, soap dishes, baskets, bowls, utensils, buttons for Vickie's creative side, and a lot more to come I am sure.

Pictured above is one of the candle holders I have made.  We took it a step further and started making making pure beeswax candles.  They are pictured with the candle holder.  We like to leave the candles unscented, because the beeswax in and of itself has this slight aroma of honey when it's burning.

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Great work, and I love the color of the cedar. :)