Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Earth Day, do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle!!

15 Simple Ways To Help Save The Earth!! 

 Let's Keep It Beautiful


1.  Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

2.  Compost (don't throw all those coffee grinds, apple peelings and egg shells away)

3.  Invest in recycled glassware (glassware made from recycled glass)

4.  Use re-usable lunch totes instead of paper bags

5.  Solar charged path lights to illuminate pathways and gardens (harness energy from the sun)

6.  Use reusable shopping bags

7,  Reusable coffee cup:  bring your own coffee cup to your favorite neighborhood coffee shop

8.  Install a low-flow showerhead in your home

9.  Use a push-reel mower (you know the kind)

10.  For baking small items or reheating food, a toaster oven is a great way to cut down on your energy consumption at home

11.  Save money, water and energy all at once by switching to an energy-efficient washing machine

12.  When you shop....Shop Eco-friendly

13.  Switch to all natural cleaning products can reduce your family's exposure to potentially harmful fumes, harsh chemicals or dyes and they are bio-degradable

14.  Cut back on how much bottled water you purchase by using a water pitcher that filters your own water

15.  By using re-usable bottles, you will save money and the earth!!

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