Monday, January 17, 2011

This Eastern Red Cedar Candle Holder Is A Best Seller

Bring a touch of nature indoors! Nothing adds more warmth and charm to a home than the simple, rustic beauty of natural wood. The warm browns and reds highlight this handcrafted Heart of Red Cedar Candle Holder.

The candle holder includes three 100 % pure local area beeswax unscented tea light candles. My wife and I hand-pour the candles and make them with cotton wicks. We use cotton wicks in order to avoid any heavy metals such as zinc that may be less expensive wicks.

The candle holder measures approximately:
8 inches in length by 4 inches at its widest point by 1 3/8 inches tall
(20.3 cm in length by 10.2 cm at its widest point by 3.5 cm tall)

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